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That's right, the secret's out. For some strange reason, guys like to gawk at gorgeous teenage girls. It's sort of a universal truth.

There's another universal truth out there: it's nice to have money in your pocket. Really nice. Yeah, we know what you're thinking; if only there was some clever way to combine these two things and live happily ever after.

Here's another newsflash: there is, and we've been helping affiliates do it since 1998. Check out our sites, and give our program a try.

Below are all the sites you get to promote when you sign up for TFCash. As you can see, we focus on a very specific niche: pretty 18-21 year-old models with the ever-popular "teen" look that guys will always pay to see.
Teenflood needs little introduction; it's our flagship site, founded in 1998, and it contains--you guessed it--a flood of gorgeous teen models in compromising positions. From softcore to girl-girl to hardcore boy-girl, TeenFlood has been a standard in the teen niche for over a decade.

Kelly is gorgeous, fun and extremely flirtatious. She's the kind of girl who would never let the fact that she has a boyfriend stop her from making new guy friends wherever she goes.

Whether guys fall for her big, perfectly shaped tits, her pretty young face or her bubbly personality doesn't really matter; Kelly is very good at bringing teen lovers in from the cold and signing up for more.

Karma is the classic little hippie chick, wide open to everything and everyone around her, willing to try pretty much anything, and completely unabashed by the fact that there's a camera there to record most of it.

Add to that her youngish looks, petite figure innate sweetness (very apparent in her videos) and you've got a miniature gold mine on your hands.

Ashley is the picture of innocence. While she is definitely comfortable with nude modeling, she also has a shy, reserved aura that is incredibly attractive.

Whether she's dolled up in pigtails, tucked cozily into bed or playing tennis in the sun, Ashley epitomizes the American teen... or at least the libidinous version of the American teen your surfers are looking for. And that's a good thing.

Another site that needs little introduction, primarily because it's dedicated to the infamous teen temptress Leah Luv.

When she burst onto the scene a few years back, we were among the first to shoot this tiny teen, with her flat chest and mouthful of braces. Those pictures are here, along with shoots that are more "glam" and, of course, some great boy-girl stuff as well.

Leah's a VERY easy sell!

Larisa is the sexy young librarian-type--or, at her age, librarian's assistant-type--who hides her wild streak behind a pair of bookish glasses and a reserved demeanor. Which makes it all the more enticing when she lets her hair down and gets crazy with whatever guy she happens to have pulled into her web at the moment.

A fun, girl-next-door type of teen who converts both amateur and teen traffic quite well.

If your porn surfers like the the all-American cheerleader type, they're gonna love Chloe. The bad thing is, she's got a boyfriend. The good thing is, she's willing to have sex with him on camera.

Like many of our girls, she's not a hardened porn star who's in every other adult flick; she's a (somewhat) average teen who has an exhibition streak a mile wide... and "normal" chicks sell!

Karina is a pretty teen from Poland who started out doing semi-nude sets for us and eventually graduated into full-on hardcore boy-girl. As a graduation present (and at the request of many of our members), we gave her her own site.

18 years old and fearless, Karina is a very good draw for porn surfers looking for a cute young teen who's willing to do it all. A great addition to the TeenFlood package.

Autumn is exactly the sort of chick you'd see at pretty much any mall in America; shopping, hanging out in the food court, and checking out boys.

What you don't see in those malls, however, is what's underneath the clothes: a slender, smokin' hot body that's ripe for the pluckin'. On her website, of course, your surfers will see all that and more.

Another would-be mall rat we rescued from obscurity and made famous! Sexy young Keera looks equally dazzling in pigtails and a schoolgirl outfit or in jeans and a T shirt. Lots of fun sets and videos for teen lovers to soak up.

Your surfers will love her wholesome looks and winsome smile, and you'll love her conversion rate.


Kayla is a midwestern American cutie with a cute mouthful of braces, a gorgeous pair of baby blues and a seriously killer body. She seems to remind people of that girl back in school they always wanted to get with but never had the courage to ask out.

Well, no courage necessary here: just a credit card. And Kayla has been known to score the occasional sale for affiliates.

Some teens are innocent looking, some are naughty looking, and then there's delicious (and popular) little Liza, who seems to have mastered being both at the same time.

Fresh, young, innocent and wonderfully naughty, Liza is one of our most popular models. In fact, she's one of the most popular teen models we've seen, turning sweet girl-next-door looks into cash in your pocket.

Sweet Sema is a great little site that features the erotic escapades of two cute teenagers who understand the true meaning of frienship... which apparently has some thing to do with sharing.

Sema's name is on the domain, but she shares everything with her friend Emily. And we do mean everything, including her boyfriend.

A fun website, much liked by porn surfers. A great addition to the package!


As our newest solo model, sweet young Eva is a petite, delicate young teen most surfers haven't seen yet. Those that have seen her, however, all seem to have the same reaction, which is something along the lines of "HOLY SHIT! More please?"

With her doe-eyed gaze, incredibly petite form and trademark "shattered innocence" look, Eva is quite obviously bound for Internet stardom.

Wanna come with?

Is there anything sexier than two girls kissing each other? Sure there is... THREE girls kissing each other.

GirlKiss was a sort of experiment at first; a site with no nudity (which means you can promote it pretty much anywhere) but a very high level of eroticism. The experiment worked, and now GirlKiss is a well-known, well-loved and well-traveled moneymaking gem.

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